Effective methods to create peace when life is stressful

Breath work is key to potency in spiritual work.  It brings us to an awareness of the reality around us, breath work opens pathways in our spirit to facilitating the change that we are trying to create and it deepens us into our spirit to allow us to access the deeper mind from which all creation flows and is connected to all other things.

To meditate is to show up into your life, to uphold your spirit and allow yourself to bloom! This will allow your mind and spirit to relax, integrate in what is happening to you in your life and frees up resources in your spirit to work with what is stressing you.

First and the most important:


Working with the breath – breath work is life work.  it is the substance that is in everything, enlivens all things and takes our deepest prayers and heart intentions out into the world.  The more time you spend with the breath, the more you come to understand its nature.  There is a deep and potent mystery here that for the average person is relegated as background function.  This is understandable given our present culture’s focus on valuing doing versus being.


But the mystic knows that we have to pay attention to the big deal things and put them into their proper place.  The breath is the way through to the other realms and we cannot get there without it.  Breath, wind and air are the methods in which we chant the sacred words and the holy names, it is the path to which are prayers are sent into heaven, to our ancestors, gods and spirits.  It is said that words are the beginning of creation, but silence is the beginning of power.  And so we we see the two bookends of the inner life:  breath and presence.


Because mystical work is supposed to be practical,  here is one way in which you can begin to work with this.


•    Pick a phrase that you are working on or a word of which you would like to understand the deeper meaning. Do not change the phrase part way through your meditation.  Similarly, pick an amount of time that you are doing this for and stick with it.  Don’t go shorter or longer even if you want to because your spirit and the spirits who uphold you want to be able to trust that you will do what you say.

•    Banish your space anyway you would like, this can include with sage or cedar (don’t use both together), salt and water, abramelin oil, lavender oil in water, florida water or the Kabbalistic Cross/Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

•    Find a comfy place to sit where you can sit up with your head level to the floor.  Try not to slouch. I use a pillow to help with lumbar support.

•    Begin to rhythmically breathe, breathe in for a count to four, hold it for two counts and then breathe out for 4 counts, hold for 2.

•    Do this until you feel your body begin to relax.  Then begin to count from one to ten with each breath being one count.  Allow your spirit to move deeper into your body and into your center.

•    After the 10th breath take the word you picked and her this word in your head on each out breath. If your word was “peace” you would breath in still using the four fold breath method and then breathe out and on the out breath hear your mind say “peace.”  Then breath in and then out again and say “peace” in your mind.

•    When the allotted time is up, recite a prayer from your tradition, or offer a spontaneous prayer to your ancestors, guides and spirits.

•    Banish the space again like you did before!