What is Spiritual Direction?

An illusionary perception of isolation forms the foundations for the core pain of humanity known as “abandonment pain.” The feelings that come from this make us feel inherently flawed, isolated, worthless, sad and ultimately resentful. This pain leads us into exile without direction, vision or presence. These symptoms may be attributed toward many of the ills of humanity including, but not limited to: depression, lethargy, violence, greed, chemical dependency and other potentially harmful emotional states and behaviors.

Conscious embodiment calls humanity into deeper integration, sacredness, and true empowerment by working with three main areas. a) First our work is to attune our consciousness into physical existence, the inner creative visionary center and the true heart of the Universe. b) Second, the individual aligns their awareness and perception into the rhythm and energetic dialogue within. Finally, this work then brings us into c) agreement between the inner and ancestral reasons why we were intended into existence.

The techniques, healing and mindfulness practices practiced by Whirling Pearls foster a “re-sacredizing” of our life, facilitate a co-creative paradigm, and issue forth lasting transformation that moves us from suffering needlessly as humans merely of “compliance” to beings of “congruence” with the directive of our spirit. Wholeness through spirituality allows us to come into right relationship with our center/ core, incarnate lives and the source of our existence regardless of spiritual or religious practices.