Are you headed in a direction you don’t want to go?

  • Do you have deep seated fears that paralyze you or keep you stuck?
  • Do you feel like you should slow down but you don’t know how?
  • Is stress affecting your physical health or mental anxiety?
  • Do you feel like the universe is trying to tell you something but you can’t understand what it is trying to say?
  • Do you feel judged or unworthy to have good things come your way?
  • Do you have pent up anger or rage that won’t away?


These difficulties often can lead to fractured relationships that leave us feeling unsupported, stranded, and with no way out.  Repetitive cycles of pain, abandonment, and denial lead to addictions to food, alcohol, destructive relationships and leave us with a loss of joy and constant longing.

Real life challenges require credible time honored spiritual practices that are accessible to you and me.  Rock solid practices strengthen your core, challenge outdated beliefs and lifts you out of old patterns that trap your soul in darkness.


Spiritual direction isn’t just therapy, it offers real life value:

  • Day to day growing pains will become easier as you develop mad negotiating skills
  • Destructive patterns that kept you in the spin cycle will lessen.
  • Accountability
  • Deepened relationship with your body, your loved ones and your life’s purpose
  • Practical, easy to grasp approaches.
  • Centered companionship that keeps you sane when you don’t wanna be.
  • Regain sovereignty over your trajectory.
  • Reveling in love and joy due to increased capacity for trust and intimacy!

Spiritual direction is for YOU to lead the life to which  you were born.

Whirling Pearls offers effective natural healing, chakra work and reconnection with your spirit in person, via Skype or over the phone. Our time proven practices build essential skills for spiritual living in the modern age. Natural therapies include

  • Body and energy awareness
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Effective communication development
  • Labyrinth, Ritual, and Pathworking
  • Chakra Clearing, reintegrating and Balancing
  • Prayer, Chanting and/or Shamanic Healing


Thank you for taking the time to feed your soul!