Score practical help from your astrological chart!

Want to look into your soul to understand the deep reasons why you were embodied in this life and what is latent and evident inside of you?  Your birth chart allows you to peer straight into your pyche.  Charts are practical for daily life showing patterns regarding:

  • *Concerns regarding money and financial stability
  • *Difficulties in love and relationships
  • *Growing your spirit using the natural way that **it** thinks
  • *Wicked sneaky smokescreens that we fall into instead of our true work

  • Shon and Sophia utilize advanced astrological interpretation techniques to discern from your personalized astrology chart the patterns that are active within your life, both those from your past lives, what happened until now and what is happening now.

As your personal advocate that is “in the know,” your chart contextually informs you where and when your flow of energy might be hampered affecting your work performance, creative outlets, or even cause your inner dialogue to have a stronger influence than normal.  The chart will then by extension also reveals natural and easy ways that your own spirit can change or ease the difficulty.

Each type of chart offers its own resources and nuances providing you direct access to the visible and invisible parts of yourself enabling you to make stronger informed choices about your life and fostering mature courage to create your best possible future.