Spiritual Counseling

Whirling Pearls is a spirit-centered healing group offering natural healing, chakra healing and reconnection with your spirit. In this role, they help individuals and groups to build essential skills for spiritual living in the modern age. Natural therapies include body/energy awareness, meditation, ritual, prayer, reiki, and sacred chanting. Whirling Pearls uses an interfaith spiritual healing model. This means that they personally draw from a variety of faith traditions, finding truths and useful practices from each. This gives this work a distinct advantage because we are able to meet each individual where they are already at and then tailor the work to fit their own spiritual vocabulary and experiences. We believe that every faith tradition has value and also that the individuals person’s understandings are a critical component in any counseling experience.

Whirling Pearls offers effective over the phone, Skype or in person sessions.

On a practical level, spirit-centered counseling is useful for any person who is seeking to understand or improve him or herself. The reasons for seeking spirit-centered counseling are the same reasons for seeking psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, energy healing and so on. Common examples include difficulty or issues with communication, transition from one faith tradition to another, self-esteem, grief, romance and interpersonal relationships. In addition, our spirit-centered counseling techniques are uniquely qualified to assist one with personal power, low or blocked body energy, visioning, dream work, and mindfulness.