Are You Done Yet?


We are moving into spring and that antsy feeling that is is time to make changes is getting louder… I know you know which voice I am talking about.

It sounds a lot like:

  • I should slow down but I don’t know how
  • My stress keep affecting my physical health and causing me anxiety
  • My pent up anger or rage hasn’t gone away yet, no matter what I have tried

You might notice that these are leading to fractured relationships that leave everyone feeling unsupported, stranded, and with no way out. These very real cycles of pain, abandonment, and denial foster our addictions to food, alcohol and destructive relationships.

Gah!!  Where is our joy and the end of suffering?!

Spiritual direction  stops the Merry-Go-Round.  The real life value you get will stimulate:

  • Ease of day to day growing pains as you develop mad negotiating skills
  • A deepened relationship with your body, your loved ones and your life’s purpose
  • An increased capacity for love,  joy and intimacy

Ready to not be stressed. Anymore.

Imagine what life might look like if these were the dynamics instead of pain?

Anyone can get to that place… from anywhere.  Period. The trick is to start heading that direction.  Say yes where you normally say no to yourself. It’s new moon, and it’s Spring.  Your gut knows that this is the time you have been waiting for, that open window of opportunity to open up your life and begin anew! Humanity is following the same inner rhythm that the natural world does, and your divine discontent is your turkey timer gone off!

We know you are worth it, and so do you!

Whirling Pearls offers effective Spiritual Direction, designed to help you to reconnect with your spirit. Our time proven practices build essential skills for spiritual living in the modern age. 

Ride it as far as you can Tuesday – transit will let us out of prison!

Attention YaYa Priestesses!!!

Opportunity is knocking this Tuesday, folks! As your spiritual directors to seek out fortuitous breaks are coming that will making your work easy, potently accessing those on your behalf to help change to occur easily that you have been craving. These short windows let us access tricky difficult part aspects (we all have) take the change plunge.

This Tuesday, the New Moon will be in Scorpio passing through the house that is all about releasing personal limitations and how that splashes over into your mundane affairs. And, like the icing on the cake, at the same time this is coinciding with a total solar eclipse. What this means that you can instill deep and lasting change… with a serious boost.

Accessing your work with your ambition and determination, examine your finances, especially those you share with a partner or spouse, how you relate to your community and workplace and to go into those problematic challenges this next week is an outstanding and unique opening.

Possible choices of tools: energetic healing and clearing, look at your birth chart to see what other areas that also might be ready to clear out, an in-depth Tarot reading to clue you into dynamics that you may not be aware of, or even open up a talk session to just let go of what is coming up. With all that Scorpionic opportunity, get that YaYa Priestess self in gear, and ride it as far as you can!

Preparing The Future Before We Get There

Near the beginning of the year, I talked about the importance of clearing out the energy of past before we move into the future. Today, I want to talk about the compliment to this exercise: clearing the road of the future of the debris that generally trips us up or leads us astray.  I dont want to talk about predictions for the future, or making demands upon the Divine Presence concerning the shape of thing to come. I only want to ask the God for some help with four areas where we have the tendency to turn a blessed experience into one of confusion or suffering.

The best way to begin this process is to sped a few moments making sure that we are approaching with an open heart/mind. If we have a build up of resentments or fears that are acting as our motivation, then this is unfortunately what the exercise will bring into our future. Remember the most powerful of spiritual axioms, “Garbage in = Garbage out”

If we find that we have these motivations and are having trouble moving past them, one thing we can do is a chanting round of Estafirullah, which mean “forgive me, God”. This can go a long way toward taking our human limitations out of the working so that we do not get in our way.

Ready? First, we get four pieces of paper, a pencil, and four tea light candles.

Label the papers with the following terms:

1. Protection from Fear

2. Protection from Confusion

3. Call for Abundance

4. Call for Peace

On the first piece of paper, we make a list of experiences where fear has prevented us from getting the best out of the situation. These might be memories from the past that are examples of what we don’t want to happen again. Similarly, these could be likely experiences from the future that we can see coming and need some divine intervention to protect us from fear coloring the perceptions of the experience. This list does not need to be complete or exhaustive, only referential. Remember that we are going to be be turning the control of the fear over to God. So, we need not make an itemized list here.

Page number two is for a list that is similar to list one save the topic is confusion or a lack of proper understanding. We use experience references from the past as well as particular experiences that are coming up in the future. Again, this list is a list of examples and does not need to be complete.

With page number three, we turn our attention from protection to a showering of Divine Quality upon our life. The call for abundance can be challenging for us, because many of us received a painful teaching as children that told us not to want anything.  An authority over us told us that wealth was only a corruptive influence and if we are to be Holy we should seek happiness in poverty. It is important to understand that while attachment to wealth is not healthy, poverty as a spiritual discipline is certainly not held by every faith tradition that God has given us. In fact, the view of poverty as Holy and wealth as Corruption is a minority among the faiths of our world. Many traditions hold that the things of the world are gifts from God and that we should have and enjoy them so long as we do not put them before our relationship with the Holy.

This said, I would like to offer the definition of abundance as that which protects us from the suffering of the world. For some, this means a particular amount of money, for others it means nutrition, for others it is a healthy community and so on. By asking for abundance, we are asking for that which brings us into the Love of God and of the natural world. Because God knows what this means, we can leave the meaning of this request in God’s hands.

Our list for page three should be some examples of abundance which we have seen in others or experiences in our life where the abundance helped ease suffering and bring individuals closer to God’s essence. Remember, this list is not exhaustive, only representative.

List number four is similar to list three but offers a quality clause: the actuation for this to take is in the form of peace. Peace is defined as that energy which is present when we are in a balanced relationship with God. For each of us this comes about by a different set of circumstance. What is the same of each of us is that we are at peace, we are able to see our own soul path and to walk it without resistance.

Once we have the four lists completed, we should light the four candles and set one at the top of each page. Next, we chant over the list. The chant I like to use is: Bismillah ir-Rachman ir-Rahim (Arabic: in the name of God who is difined as the source of Mercy and Compassion). For a short exercise, chant for five minutes. This can be made more complex by placing a hand on each page and chant for five minutes each. Finally, a longer for of this working would be to extend the chanting to a count of 300 per page. Each of these options can be performed daily for a week and then reflect on any changes that have risen in your life.