Book: Fire from the Cauldron

with a forward by Orion Foxwood

Fire From the Cauldron is a ground breaking text. It uses the magical technique of Pathworking, a form of guided meditation, to blend the reality of elder Craft into the world of the modern practitioner. This creates a link, a sort of conversational dialog, between the Pathwalker and the Gods.

Fire from the Cauldron challenges us to dip beneath the surface of our Craft. It dares us to push past the simple images of the Goddess and the God. To pull back the veil, so we can touch their Divine Reality directly. To do this, we must also look deeply into our heart and understand that our lives are purposeful—not meaningless. We are intended—not accidental. We manifested—not misfortunate. Fire From the Cauldron dares us look directly into the face of the Goddess and admit what we see… that we have been called forth, in this place and this time on purpose and that we have work to do.

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Description:  139 pg paperback

ISBN: 9781905713417

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