Books, Recordings & Articles

Whether you are running your own business, managing a corporate team, queen of your household or just looking to simply your life  looking to experience high levels of success and personal fulfillment is a high priority.   We periodically through the years have written articles, books and recorded sessions to help you be a powerful player in your own life.     Our hope is to create accessible materials to enable you to:

  • Take Full Responsibility for your life and choices that shape and create your experience
  • Know Yourself and access the clarity about who you are, what drives your spirit and discernment about how to remove what gets in your way to happiness
  • Choose Knowledgeably, leading with clarity, integrity and alignment to who you are and what you’re wanting to create, choice by choice.
  • Live Confidently in who you are, what you believe, standing behind what’s most important and what you need.
  • Fear Less, understanding your fear, being willing to face it head on, and knowing how to effectively and healthily manage it so it no longer runs your show.

Materials currently available to support your journey include

Recordings of Pathworkings:

List coming soon!

Books to support your journey include:

  1. Fire From the Cauldron
  2. Die Before you Die:  A Sufi Model of Spiritual Development